Speedtest intergration

I am running an odriod N2+. It is connect to my 10gb switch and then to my router. There is nothing in the switch that is limiting my bandwidth. I am running a cisco 2960. Speedtest in home assistant tells me that I can only test out at 72Mbps. Fast.com is saying 172Mbps. The problem is, I connect my laptop the same way I have the odroid. I am attaching a photo of the speedtest. I have also not if I do an internet speedtest. and I will show that photo. From the download is a lot slower then the upload. Is there something wrong with the home assistant network setup? I am using the default install from the home assistant site. I also used the VM and get the same result. Just want to get a more accurate speedtest. This helps when I have to call and complain cause my internet is not working right.

Many, myself included, have found that the official HA speedtest integration is not accurate.
Instead, users use the official Speedtest binary (platform dependent) and integrate it in with HA.
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