Speedtest.net integration showing wildly slower speeds than running from OS

Not sure if this is the right place to post.

I’m running HA on Docker using the official docker image (v. 2021.1.3). I’ve had the Speedtest.net integration installed for a few months and I consistently see it report about 1/3 of speed that I can from the host OS. I finally got around to doing some actual tests. I ran the speedtestdotnet.speedtest service in HA and configure to run against a specific server. That pulled in a download of 352Mbps. I then immediately ran a speedtest from the host OS (Ubuntu 20.04) using the official CLI and it came back with 929Mbps. I did this a few times with similar results.

Is this expected? I understand that Docker could have a bit of networking overhead but I’m using “host” network mode and I have other containers that will download files much closer to the expected 900Mbps range.

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My experience as well. I now use the official ookla binary to run the actual tests.

Here are a couple of threads you may find useful:


Oh nice. I didn’t think of actually connecting it to the Ookla binary. Will give that a try. Thanks!