Speedtest ping location id

It appears we lost the ability to know what/where we are pinging in the new speedtest. Or am I just missing it somewhere?

Is server_id not what you are looking for?

Tried that… it doesn’t report anything. The old sensor returned an attribute of speedtest_source. It’s now blank and no new attribute name has seemed to replace it.

I’m using the old version as I haven’t updated yet. There is no “speedtest_source”, there is only “server_name” These are the attributes taken from the dev tools states menu:

attribution: Data retrieved from Speedtest by Ookla 
bytes_received: 111056036 
bytes_sent: 46383104 
server_country: Australia 
server_id: 16207 
latency: 42.057 
server_name: Melbourne 
unit_of_measurement: Mbit/s 
friendly_name: Speedtest Download 
icon: mdi:download-network

Sorry, I defined that attribute with:

  friendly_name: Testing from
  value_template: "{{ states.sensor.speedtest_ping.attributes.server_name }}"

So correction… server_name appears to be gone.

You could submit a request for it’s return: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/issues