Speedtest stopped working

on the 6th of April my statistics chart stopped working
actually , is seems to “kind of” working but it does not show any graphs at all!
It had been working for quite some time without problems but now is showing no graphs at all, it is if the colour of the line is just white!, so against a white background does not show anything
If I hover with the mouse to were the graph should be it gives me some stats, which is weird
I’m on the HA last version
There is no option to change the graph colours?


Interesting. I occasionally get gaps in my Speedtest chart too (this is a standard history graph card showing the last 24 hours). I had assumed that they showed connection problems, but you’re right, the readings are there if you hover over them. There are other graph cards in HACS - have you tried one of them?

I haven’t tried any other cards, all I’ve tried is to recreate tha card from scratch, but with same results
Is not the end of the world, but is weird