Speedtest - store data to reference later

Ok so I have the Speedtest integration going and set to scan hourly.

If I want to store this data somewhere to say make a graph of some sort what is the best method to do this?

This might allow to create Daily/Weekly/Monthly avg download speed.

It creates sensors that you can graph. Personally, knowing these figures hourly doesn’t seem worth the potential impact on performance. By definition, it tries to eat your max bandwidth to see how fast things are it’ll be impacted by, and impact things like you streaming video.

  • When running on Raspberry Pi the maximum speed is limited by the LAN adapter. The Raspberry Pi 3+ models come with a Gigabit LAN adapter which supports a maximum throughput of 300 Mbit/s.
  • Running this integration can have negative effects on the system’s performance as it requires a fair amount of memory.
  • If run frequently, this integration has the ability to use a considerable amount of data. Frequent updates should be avoided on bandwidth-capped connections.
  • While the speedtest is running your network capacity is fully utilized. This may have a negative effect on other devices using the network such as gaming consoles or streaming boxes.

Exporting directly to google sheets is an option. I haven’t personally used this but getting it into an spreadsheet output allows for lots of manipulation in a software that many are familiar with.

I have also used the file notification integration and just exported the data in a CSV compatible format which allows the file to be opened in excel and manipulated and graphed easily.