Spezified iPhone bluetooth connection as a condition for automation?

Hi, I just finished the control setup for my new swing gate. The gate have a pedestrian function, so I can decide to open only one or both wings.
In the first step I made an automation in HA, to open the gate when the first family member arrives in home zone. Standard is pedestrian function.
In the second step I try to set a condition for the opening process. If the family member comes home per car, the gate should open both wings.
My problem now is to define this case as a condition in HA. The iPhone activity-sensor is not reliable enough (does very strange things), so I wonder if there is a way to check whether the phone is connected to my car via bluetooth?

You can create an iOS automation (via the Shortcuts app) for when your iPhone connect to your car’s Bluetooth to set the value of an input boolean in HA (as an example). You need the HA companion app (use the call service action in the IOS automation) installed and the input boolean exposed from HA to HomeKit, or you can use the call service HA action when setting up the iOS automation.

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Thanks @parautenbach. Another input boolean will solve this, thats a good idea. I thougt. So I made all this complicated shortcut-stuff with JSON compatible commands and so on, to control the new input boolean.
In the end almost all is fine. Except the so called “automation” in iOS. :roll_eyes: In iOS you have generally to confirm Bluetooth automations. That’s so stupid, because it is’nt an automation if you have confirm it with your phone or watch.
Short explained: I tried to save up a tap on my phone (to open the gate) and created an “automation” where a tap for confirmation is required. :grin:

Yes, indeed – I should’ve mentioned that (I now remember why I’ve disabled my similar automation). It’s profoundly annoying!

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