Spikes and erroneous measurements from Aeotec Multisensor 6

Hi guys,

I have a (very) small Z-wave network with the Aeotec Z-stick (USB) on my Rpi3 with hassio. Right now I only have a Multisensor 6 on this network. A month ago or so I increased the report time from about once per hour to once per minute for the temperature measurement. That seemed to be working fine, but recently I’ve been receiving spikes and erroneous measurements from the sensor:

Sometimes it spikes to some ridiculous >3000C, but I’ve also received wrong measurements that are in a “reasonable” range such as -7C when the actual temperature is around 22C or so. Like the example above (blue graph).

I tried to update the sensor firmware about a week ago, and at the same time removing and re-adding the sensor to the network. This didn’t help at all.

Anybody else experiencing something similar? Is my sensor defective, is the general quality of these sensors just not good enough or could it be something wrong in my z-wave network?

Also, is there any way to improve it? Filtering the values for example? It seems to be single measurements that are wrong, so if filtering is possible I guess I could easily remove the erroneous -7C when everything before and after is 22C.

Suggestions are well received. Thanks!

There’s the filter sensor to smooth your data.

I use the Aeotec Multisensors as well and in the beginning I set them to report every minute. It worked but after some time I had delays or other issues. The Aeotec Multisensors are very chatty and I saw in the Z-Wave log that it was flooded with messages. Then I asked myself, do I really need an update of these values every minute? No, I don’t. I changed the update interval to 15 mins and all the problems are gone.

Hi Burningstone and thanks for your reply.

Guess you’re right, I could try to reduce the reporting time. I’ll also have a try at the filter sensor, although I was kindof hoping there would be some kind of filtering possible on the z-wave itself to avoid doubling the number of sensors, but I guess it could work.

I forgot to mentioned in my previous post, but I also checked the log. Since I only have this single unit for now, I didn’t see anything that alerted me. I noticed that the spiky measurements came directly from the sensor, no error messages or anything as far as I could see.

A bit annoying that the simplest z-wave network with a single sensor is not capable of reporting measurements once per minute (even if it may not be needed, but in some cases for regulation it would definitely be preferred). Think I’ll send a message to Aeotec and see if I can get an answer, afterall these units are not super cheap, so they should be working well.