SPIRIT Z-Wave Plus

You do have to re-pair the device for the data to update on the binding so yes, eject inferred to unpair and re pair.

That should get you working

yes that did the trick! Able to set the temperature from hassio and all other features from hassio.

One last question and then I will stop bothering you :slight_smile:

Will this be sorted by hassio anytime soon so this is unnecessary. For example in a month or two when the official release of hassio gets released for the raspberrypi 3b+ you may not get access to a Linux terminal?

Thanks for all your help in getting me up and running.

To be honest the answer is no - its not really Hass.io to blame, they are using the upstream master branch of OpenZwave; and the stuff we need is not in that branch yet; so instead we are grabbing the configurations from the current devleopment branch; and telling the code that it should use our provided device configuration settings.

i have upgraded trough about a dozen versions of home assistant betas, and full releases; and this is flawless; and if i am honest, even if openzwave do release a new master build; ill keep this configuration, as development is moving faster, and allowing the addition or fix-up of zwave devices with hass with little effort.

delighted your running; Have you many spirits? I am planning to replace what was 38 HR92 heads from evohome with spirits; over the summer, as the zwave mesh is a better fix for the layout of my home.


Only bought the one so far (just to test). My goal is to buy a further 5 for each radiator and then buy a smart thermostat (thinking hive). Then write a script that monitors each rooms temperature and if it falls below a certain threshold then turn on the heating system.

I know I could buy a smart thermostat which includes integration with approved trv’s that would do the same thing but I wanted a project to get me more involved in Linux / python.

On the consideration of investing in hardware like Hive; just take a peek if you have not already at the home assistant solution called Heaty