Split configuration documentation is confusing

Hello, I have been using home assistant for almost a year and the documentation about how to split configurations is still confusing for me.
Don’t get me wrong, the advanced configurations scenarios are more or less clear, but for the basic needs there is a lack of explanations.
For example, let’s say I want to put all my rest commands into a separate file called rest. There is no explanation for such a basic split type. All the documentation I read made me think that I can only use the basic !include for lists, and that there is no support for objects, which is not true. Today I decided to go wild and just try rest_command: !include rest.yaml and to put the normal configuration into rest.yaml and it worked as I expected. I think it is worth including at least one example that is using a normal object and not only lists.
Just my two cents.
In any case, this is a fantastic project and I just wanted to give my opinion on a small documentation project.

There’s a link on every documentation page,

so feel free to improve it.


In Configurator, hassio add-on, error message is clear.
And in check config file too. This messages helped me to understand how it works.
Logs too :slight_smile:

Great regards

it just says include a file, i.e insert its content instead of that include directive. no object here.
agree with @VDRainer, edit the page if you feel there is need to. no harm

I agree with ALL the posts above.
But then I also use packages so I just put stuff where it seems most logical to me.
Regardless even if one person in a thousand is confused then it can be improved.
As VDRainer says, submit a pr and try to improve it for the next guy

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I didn’t noticed the edit on github button. I’ll give it a try. Do you think that I can include an extra example that does not includes a list?

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Basically your pr will be a fork of the documentation. You can do ‘whatever’ you want.
if it is badly considered, offensive, wrong or does not improve what is there (in the mind of the admin reviewing it) it won’t get merged.
Several have tried without success, but then again many have succeeded.
Make it concise, easy to read and ‘helpful’ and you have a very good chance.

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I’ve succeeded a couple of times.
I’ve found the process a bit slow and the admins can be a bit terse in their responses but ultimately very helpful when the realise they’re dealing with someone who doesn’t necessarily fully understand GitHub :roll_eyes:

Go for it…

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