Split Configuration of a Single View

I’m using a split configuration for many areas of my configuration including my dashboard which is entirely in its own .yaml file. I created a View called “Holiday” for, well, the holidays. I’d like to comment it out until the Fall, but thought it would be better to split it out and comment out just the !include line, so I copied the entirety of the view…

  # Holiday
- title: Holiday
  path: Holiday
  icon: fas:snowman
  background: center / cover no-repeat fixed url('/local/images/backgrounds/Holiday.jpg' )
  theme: Backend-selected
    - card 1
    - card 2
    - card 3

…to its own holiday.yaml file and replaced it with

!include holiday.yaml

I got this error:

while scanning a simple key in "/config/DashboardHomeIncluded.yaml", line 7697, column 1 could not find expected ':' in "/config/DashboardHomeIncluded.yaml", line 7698, column 3

I know from reading the splitting configuration page that the !include ###.yaml usually is a configuration key’s value, but in this case I just want to split out one of the Views: list entries.

Is there a way to accomplish this?

It is probably the way you make the include that is the problem.
See this video and especially the section on includes.

Thanks. I was avoiding the advanced options, but this was all I needed to do (and move some files around):

views: !include_dir_merge_list views