Split "Energy Usage Graph" - and make use of the "Monitor single devices"

In the Energy Dashboard, you can Add sensors from different devices to measure your Energy Consumption.

There are several possible szenarios:

  1. Read the Data from your Meter.
    In this case, you will add the Meter-Data to the Energy Dashboard, and there it is - a nice Graph of your energy usage.
    But - it is difficult to tell, what device has consumed how much energy…
    Therefore, you can use the “Monitor single devices” option…

  2. Read the usage of different individual devices and add each of them to the energy dashboard.
    In this case, you can track each consumer individually - and get a total consumption graph

So - in my case, it is a bit more difficult…
I do have a “consumption” meter, provided by my solar installation.
But also, I do have a few devices, that don’t go throught the “line” of the Solar Installation.
Therefore, I need to track them individually.

All of them are consolidated in the Energy Dashboard, providing a good overview about the energy consumption.

In some cases, when for example the car is charging - or we’re preparing lunch in the oven - all of these devices will be counted by the Consumption-Meter from the Energy Dashboard.

But - still, I do have single measurements for the individual devices:

It should be possible - since you do have the measurements of the individual devices, to configure it in a way - that you could “link” the individual device with one of your meters…

In this example, I would “link” the Consumption from the Charger with the Consumption meter from my PV installation… (or with the sensor which does read my energy utility meter)… Then, it would be possible to split the “Graph from your consumption” into each individual device… (and maybe detect areas where you have energy consumption you are not aware of…)

I do know, that this could be difficult - especially, if your measurement comes from a solar installation where you also need to consider self consumption, import, export, etc… but for simpler setups it should be doable… ?!

I have, I think, exactly the same request at about the same time.
What I would suggest is to:

  • Have a checkbox in the tracked device’s configuration to indicate whether you want to see it in the consumption / production chart.
  • If it is checked, for each time slot, the consumption of the device will first be subtracted from the energy consumption and if that is zero, from the solar production
  • The consumption of the device is a separate stacked bar in the chart
  • The consumed from grid / self-consumed solar is calculated as normal, with the consumption of the tracked device already subtracted



I cant believe this basic requirement is not implemented yet.


Not only basic (in the sense it’s already implemented, just not with the correct inputs), but also old: people have been requesting this since the introduction of the Energy dashboard, in September 2021, but it seems it has been left to dust after the initial implementation.

It is one of the most voted features in the forum: Energy: Cost for the individual devices