Split Solar Energie Item into a new one for energy dashboard keep track of old values and didn´t care about new values

i have special setup.
i have used my micro inverter till now direkt connected to the home. and used OpenDTU with MQTT to get the values like generated solar power into Home Assistant.

now I have a batterie pack installed between solar panels and micro inverter. And now I get the generated solar power from the battery pack controller.

To have the history from the old setup in energy dashboard I still want the values for generated solar power from the mircoinverter in there and from now on the values from the battery pack.

Problem is the batterie pack put power to my home over the micro inverter.
so I got values twice now,
one from the item from the micro inverter and one from the new batterie pack.
without history i would just delete the old micro inverter power item from the energy dashboard.
and only put the batterie pack power item on the energy dashboard for solar power.

but I like to keep the values from my old setup also in the energy dashboard.

is there a way to force home assistant to identify my old micro inverter as a new one?
so I could keep my old items on the energy dashboard for history and leaf out the new generated ones to have the correct values for my new setup.

my problem is that the mqtt messages from the device include the device hardware id, I´m not able to change the hardware id. so I´m not able to simulate a new device this way.