Sports Standings and Scores

Thank you for your help and sorry I overlooked that. I have now created sensor and also swapped out the content in template.yaml. Now tables will appear with you.

But I have three questions.

Nothing at all is displayed in the Overall menu item:

And what to watch at Playoofs? Your code currently looks like this for me:

And my last question is, why I see under Postgame, Live and Pregame some matches twice?
For example at the moment under Pregame Mapple Leafs vs. Avalanche

or under Postgame
Olers vs. Senators and Sharks vs. Blue Jackets:

As a first step, please grab the latest dashboard YAML from GITHUB. It has had a few iterations to fix issues caused because of ESPN changing the JSON for some teams. Drop that in and then check and post what issues remain. I would assume the double listing of games is because you o not use my naming convention or possibly you have two teamtrackers for each team which can happen if they do not have unique id’s.

The changes of note is that now that NHL and NBA teams are “clinching”, ESPN changes their JSON by adding a field. I removed the playoff seed and added the “clinch” indicator. There had to be logic when it did not exist. The old way was positional an assumed like PTS would always by stat(5) which is incorrect for the teams that ha a “CLINCH” flag. I plan to finish this update for MLB and NFL soon.

If you have a GIT account, you can add to follow and be notified of changes as I think there will be a few other coming … I have yet to think through “Playoff” standings and how to do them.

with the new code I can see somthing under overall.

But now in all Standings - Devisional, Conference and Overall there are no Places in the first row:

The double matches are now gone. I still had these because I created them before using your code.

I have now deleted them under integration so that each match is now only displayed once.

Ok Playoffs are under construction.

Now I follow on GIT

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Do you still have double listings in Teamtracker games? If yes, let’s fix that

No, sorry I have Edition my post

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OK, so now as a user, please by all means suggest changes. I can certainly put the Playoff Seed column back into the GUI. It is in the data. But this is not the playoff rankings.

ESPN shows WIldcard like this:

So this would be teams 1,2 and 3 in each division … that part is easy. JUst take the top three teams in each divisional view.

But then WIldcard is the the next two teams in the conference view that are not included in the previous list of top 3. I chose the image above because the Kraken have 81pts and the AVs have 80 … but Kraken are Wildcard and AVs in the top three. If I sort by ESPNs playoff SEED or by PTs, the Kraken would be higher than the AVs which is wrong.

So there we are in trying to figure out the best way.

So the Palayoff view like espn looks good, that would be a good option for me.

I also have a suggestion because I saw it now on the screenshot. Wouldn’t it also be a good idea to display the logos of the clubs in small form with all standings?

And I have a next wish.

Under the standings it would be good to add the GLOSSARY

OK, I can add the logos easily. I tend not to do so because I live on 42 acres in the mountains and my only internet is DSL. I have many other such things where I download all of them and make it available in the local (in house) network through HA. This would be a better solution in my opinion for logos too because it’s not like the team logos change every day/week/year. Good comment and I will add grabbing them dynamically for now and offer some way of using local ones.

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with the local possibility would of course also be ok

I have a nother idea.

Is it possible to add another section, in which only the last result or if there is a live game then this of x favorite teams

OK, remote will be done in a minute. NHL it looks like this:

Pushed to GITHUB. New version has team logos for all sports

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Please define, do you mean what the headings mean? As is “GP” means “Games Played”?

yes that I mean

WHat I would love to add is some “semi” generic way to be able to tune immediately to the channel:

I am pretty sure I can do this with my DirecTV but I need to seperate this from you all or make it generic.

I don’t really understand what you want to do here?

I have a nother idea.
Is it possible to add another section, in which only the last result or if there is a live game then this of x favorite teams

Is there a possibility to implement this?

Without a picture it is a bit hard to understand, but this is what I think you mean.

  1. The ability to create a list of favorite teams for a sport
  2. A view in the GUI maybe like this, three columns in wide view:
PRE            IN             POST
Fav1 PRE       Fav1 IN        Fav 1 POST
Fav2 PRE       Fav2 IN        Fav 2 POST

You would (I guess) never have PRE and IN, you you could have two of the three.

I could do that but one would need to keep Favorities in some separate file. A better way would be to bring it up in the Teamtracker discussions (I can do that for you if you like). I would say it should be an attribute hanging off a team in Teamtracker like “favorite”. Like this with the Lions in NFL being a “favorite”

##  NFL Teams
- platform: teamtracker
  league_id: NFL
  team_id: DET
  name: Detroit Lions
  favorite: true
- platform: teamtracker
  league_id: NFL
  team_id: GB
  name: Green Bay
- platform: teamtracker
  league_id: NFL
  team_id: CHI
  name: Chicago Bears

Otherwise, one would need to create a sensor in YAML that stored your favorites.
I can go that route if Teamtracker does not think it a great idea.

Click on a game (or a button below the game) which would turn on my television and jump to that exact game.