Spotify Account detection

Hello Guys,

I’m using the Spotify component and it’s really nice (after I applied the bug fix in one of the latest PR’s to get rid of the errors :wink: ).
Now since I’m using a free account, and not Premium, I don’t have access to stuff like pause/continue etc.
I noticed in the Spotify API there’s a method to get information about the user’s account:
This API could perhaps be used to identify whether the user is a Premium or Free user and some items (like the Pause button etc) could be hidden based on that status?

EDIT: Main reason why I think this would be nice: My GF is using HA as well, and listening to Spotify when we’re both at home, and she now can complain that my system doesn’t work :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank for all the effort :smiley:

As the component requires a premium account, I doubt that much effort would be put into accounting for free accounts.

Well, I know the component requires a premium account, but it’s working with the free account as well.
Also, right after posting it, I checked the code and API, and created my own solution which seems to be working flawlessly, I created a PR for it:

Right - that’s the correct answer. “I need something unusual - so I fixed it myself” is a lot better than “I need something unusual, fix it for me.”