Spotify: cannot add another account

Home Assistant 2021.12.6 running in Docker on Unraid.

After successfully adding my and the wife‘s Spotify account via the Spotify integration, I fail to do so with my children‘s accounts.

What I did:

  • added all the Users (wife + 2 children) in my Spotify developer dashboard. We are all in the same spotify family.

  • added the cookie information (sp_key etc.) to configuration.yaml/secrets.yaml (don‘t know if this is important for the Spotify integration or only for spotcast)

  • tried to add children‘s accounts via Spotify integration → Nabu Casa method
    → resulted in spinner, then aborted and the logs give me the „max retries reached“ error.

  • when using the configuration.yaml method, it fails with the wrong URI, although I added all the possible URLs to my developer dashboard and tried it from my internal dns entry, internal IP or nabucasa url. All are added to the developer dashboard.

Currently I came to an end on how I might successfully accomplish adding the accounts because I think I tried all possible combinations with no success.

So posting here is my last option :wink:

This is the exact error:

Logger: spotipy.client
Source: /usr/local/lib/python3.9/site-packages/spotipy/
First occurred: 16:34:10 (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 16:34:10

Max Retries reached

Did you read the last part on the docs?

This integration supports multiple Spotify accounts at once. You don’t need to create another Spotify application in the Spotify Developer Portal and no modification to the configuration.yaml file is needed. Multiple Spotify accounts can be linked to a single Spotify application. You will have to add those accounts into the Users and Access section of your application in the Spotify Developer Portal.

To add an additional Spotify account to Home Assistant, go to the Spotify website and log out, then repeat only the steps in the Configuration section.

All you need to do is first add them as users first to the Spotify Developer Portal (which you say you have done already). Then logout and make sure you’re logged in with the second account and then add the integration again through Integrations page, so you can login with the second account.

And yes, this is only for Spotcast. As you can see in the Spotify docs it’s not mentioned there.

That is exactly what I am trying to do. After loggin into the kids account in Spotify, the spinner starts turning on the home assistant integration setup and then it stops with aborted and the max retries error in the log.

Have you tried it with a private browser? Perhaps caching issues.

I have to thank you for your help, but I sorted it out now myself :smiley:

Two take home messages:

  1. The Home Assistant cloud method, which you can select when the trying to add the integration, never worked.
  2. From the three possible “URLs”/IPs I could use, only one works when using the configuration.yaml method.
    Internal IP → fail
    Nabu casa URL → fail
    Internal URL without domain → fail
    Internal URL with domain → success

Don’t ask me why this is, because I added all of them to the Spotify development portal…

Anyway, now it worked and I can go on with my life :smiley:

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I’m having the same issue. Can you give an example of what you mean by “ Internal URL with domain → success”. What is the format of internal url with domain? Is that access from external?

Sure, I try to make it clear:

I have a Fritzbox router which registers (internal) DNS entries for the Lan interfaces (I hope this is the right lingo).

The domain of this is, the respective device is then reachable as additionally to its internal IP or the nabu casa URL, which both fail. This is the only entry that works for Spotify for me.