Spotify Card V3 with Room Presence

  • White and Dark Theme Ready.
  • 2 different card styles for white and dark template in one single card!!
  • Design changes on white theme.
  • Switch between white and dark modes with one click
  • Beatiful artwork design for every song.
  • Room Presence. Start the music in your last entered room (More effective on single occupancy)
  • Media Player controls
  • Music Follow. Let the music follow you around the house automatically.
  • Hidden playlist. Activate your favorite songs with a single click.
  • Exclusively designed for Spotify control.
  • Ambilight animations. Glowing light in all over the card.
  • Browser Mode integration.
  • Minimalistic design. You can hide spotify playlist.
  • The playing media player is highlighted in a circle.
  • Rewind - Forward your music.
  • Developed on the basis of Amazon Echo devices but you can also use it with any other media player type.
  • Can easily be installed with the given manual

You can find the page code and ultra-detailed user manual in the link below.: