Spotify FREE Card

Hi everybody!

This card has evolved to Music Free Card.

Check it out!


One can only wonder what your use case is. Why use this card and not simply switch apps to Spotify?

PS: A video in English would make more impact

Hi Daniel! Thanks for your comment! You are right!

Why to use this card? Some ideas:

  • If you use HA Assist, you can ask it to play, pause, skip song, playlist…
  • You can use a remote (like Ikea Symfonisk) to control Spotify
  • You can easily sync Spotify reproduction with actions on other devices (speakers, lights…)
  • You can use an old Android device as a media player, and control it through HA from your current smartphone, your smart speakers, your smart tv…
  • Eventually, this card can be improved to include not just Spotify, but other services like Youtube Music and switch between them.

Also, i forgot to include the link to written guide, available in english an other languages!

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Looks interesting. If only I could find the ENGLISH guide … :wink:

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Thanks Paul!

Check this link. It should translate it automatically to your default language.

Please, let me know if it does not work properyly.

Thanks for replying, Tito. But I’m afraid the ‘automatic’ translation is not exactly foolproof, because I only saw your spanish text.
Anyway, if the idea was to just use google’s translate, then I can confirm it worked the ‘manual’ way.

For some reason it is not working… I ll fix it as soon as possible! Thanks Paul!

Not a big problem once you know that there is no actual english text, but that you have to use the translate function. Maybe it’s a good idea to make this clear ?
Anyway, thanks for your contribution ! Will surely try it out one of these days …

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I will forsure use this for my YouTube music! Is it currently already possible? I do already have a free spotify account though so I guess I can already try it out if not.


Sure, just replace the app reference in the code. Where it says “”, change it for “” and it should work as well!

In the near future i’ll make it multi-service :slight_smile:

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Check this out!

So this works with the youtube and spotify android apps and not the Home Assistant integrations?

That’s right, as integrations already work with default media card