Music Free Card


Recently i created a card to control Spotify Free, and some of you ask me if it could control Youtube Music also, so i evolved it to “Music Free Card”. It allows you play, pause, skip songs (as long as it is allowed), control volume and launch playlist. Currently it suppports Spotify and Youtube Music, but it potentially can control any streaming music app.


You DON’T need:

  • Premium accounts
  • Any integration on Home Assistant
  • To create APIs anywhere


  • An Android device to play music (it can be your phone, your wall panel, an old device…)


  • Play, pause, skip songs, launch playlists, control volume, switch between Spotify and Youtube Music, …
  • Sync music playback with other devices (speakers, lights, etc), to switch on and off when it starts/ends.
  • Control music playback through HA panel, an Ikea Symfonisk remote, your voice assistant…

Easy to install

It just needs 3 simple steps, which you can find here. Almost everything is done by importing the blueprint, so it is pretty easy to install it.

Wish list
Let me know if something is not working properly, what can be done in a better way, or what other features would you add. Any suggestion is welcome :slight_smile: