Spotify hacs setup

I need some help again as a newbie !

I have added the lovelace spotify card using HACs and I am unsure where to add the resource and card in the config or ui for lovelace and what they should be .

HACs instructions say that I need to add to the lovelace.yaml or the raw ui config editor.

I am using the raw config editor.

Do you need to still set up the developer app and if so I assume the client id is that which you receive in the developer app if not I assume the client id is your premium spotify id ?

Help would be appreciated on the resource and card code and where to add same and clarification on the client id !!

What you downloaded from HACS is only the card for lovelace to show it in the frontend, however you need to setup spotify first for it to work.

Check the official documentation and follow the instructions provided there:

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Thank you as I am new to this and the home assistant is rapidy developing together with integrations, I am fining a great deal of the information available conflicts itself as some is outdated especially using HACS. I will give it another try following instructions again. Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

HACS is the Home Assistant Community Store, these are not official apps/plugins/themes and all the documentation there is not official.
Just follow the instructions in the link provided above to setup spotify. After you setup spotify, you can use the card you downloaded from HACS to show some information about the spotify player you setup in the previous step.

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