Spotify Integration playback on Spotify Connect Add-on


I run Home Assistant OS on a Raspberry PI 4 in my Office, with speakers connected for the “Spotify Connect” add-on. I also have the “Spotify” Integration running, which works nice for controlling playback and my playlists, however I cannot seem to figure out how to let the 2 work together without me first starting playback on my phone.

Currently I open my phone and select “HomeAssistant” as my playback device, then I can listen to music in my office, but would like to use the Add-on to start the playback to this device. Has anyone managed to get this working yet? I see many examples for ChromeCast Devices, but it seems like it will not work for my Raspberry Pi Playback device. Once playback has started on my Raspberry PI, I can then control playback from Home Assistant.


I think you should be able to use the media player generated by the spotify integration, choose your song with media browser and then change the source to HomeAssistant.