Spotify INVALID_CLIENT: Invalid redirect URI

I use Nabu Casa and after following the integration setup I believe it simply does’nt work without adding additional steps and adding the Spotify Dev elements.
I have setup Spotify using the correct user and setup codes in yaml as well as the Nabu Casa URL. I have also setup same in Spotify developer. I get back INVALID_CLIENT: Invalid redirect URI If I replace the URL to nabucasaurl replacing the element that says it then works.
I assume I need to tell HA somewhere what actually is.
Any help appreciated.

Did you ever figure anything out on this? I use Nabu Casa as well. Tried your suggestion of replacing the re-direct to my Nabu Casa and I still get the invalid client. All other threads just talk about making the redirect in the Spotify developer account Link to OAuth2 Authorize Callback – My Home Assistant but that doesn’t work either. Any help is appreciated.

I figured that when you get few responses on a forum the answer must be obvious. I therefore started from scratch and followed the official integration instructions and it worked.