Spotify Jukebox?

Preparing for summer by setting up an esp-home pool monitor, and I also have a question/another problem to solve.

I want to have some type of jukebox-style front-end on my HA tablet, where songs can only be QUEUED for play. I’m super sick of having a good time and having people constantly asking me to play a song. I found the Jukestar app, which seems like its exactly what I want, but it requires everyone to download an app, and my multiple wireless speakers are all configured in HA, so having a similar function as a lovelace dashboard, or some other service on the tablet in a central location would be ideal, as it would also force people to go to a central location instead of adding 20 songs themselves from the app.

Also having lighting/outdoor automations trigger based on the jukebox mode being activated would be ideal. A quick search hasn’t shown me anything in HA for this. I do have Spotify premium, if it could interface with this, that would be ideal. If there is a local-only solution, I can look into setting up headphones/volumio to handle it, but Spotify is preferred.