Spotify Lovelace Card

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INVALID_CLIENT: Invalid redirect URI

and its saved on the developer as you said


For older browsers I have now spent the weekend fixing transpiling.
If this works I can focus on enhancements next weekend
New release:[email protected]/dist/spotify-card.umd.js


@carlostico You don’t have the proper URL configured in the Spotify developer console.


I do have the correct address on the redirect , that is the weir part


Everytime when i enter my lovelace page i have to click on the authenticate button.
I use Google Chrome as browser.


@Cinamon see Spotify Lovelace Card


I would love to hear from someone which had issues with Firefox if it is solved now.


I get this in my log:

http://hassio.cqm.local:8123/lovelace/0:0:0 Uncaught TypeError: Failed to resolve module specifier “@babel/polyfill”. Relative references must start with either “/”, “./”, or “…/”.


It worked after updating the URL in ui-lovelace resources to:[email protected]/dist/spotify-card.umd.js

and clearing browser cache.

Thanks a bunch!
This is an awesome card!!


Made the change, card now works again.

If the card (for now) downloads whenever used, does it need or use the custom-updater?


@Dansker There are plenty of references to this question in this thread and because I don’t use customer updater I wouldn’t be able to answer but a lot of people do have it working


Thanks for your reply, I did have custom updater working, it updated, -which broke the card. See my post about 4 up.

Appreciate your work


that should be solved now with the transpiled version (checked into dist/directory) which you can download OR download the one from releases. Your one is the polyfill version which was just for a try before


New release 1.3 which is both smaller as well as fixes the reauth issue.


Why i get only one media player device when i have many of them?
Actually i can see only my echo plus device, and not any of the google home, of the sonos or of the chromecasts or the other echo devices i own…


I read many different URL’s to put in the resource of lovelace… can you tell me which is the latest and the best to use?


The reauth issue has been solved I can confirm it :slight_smile: works perfectly.


@maurizio53 if you want the latest stable you have the info in the README on the repo




I think, I configured everything properly, but there ain’t no playlists showing up and ‘choose mediaplayer’ is not clickable, although I have players online…

What am I missing?


INVALID_CLIENT: Invalid redirect URI

for some reason is redirecting to lovelace/default_view

even the correct information is on the spotify app