Spotify Multiroom on Sonos and Echo

Hey is it possible to play music from spotify on my echo and my sonos at the same time, maybe just by saying: Alexa play Spotify on Music-Room (groupname)

and is it possible to play the music like from soundcloud or youtube which is currently playing on my computer to my echo/sonos?

Im using Windows :smiley:

Please let me know, iam also searching for a solution…

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Hi @Nizz59, currently I have all my sound ecosystem with Alexa. The other day i purchased a Sonos Eras 300. And I find out after pairing that you cant group it with Alexa devices…
After researching, i find out that you can purchase a jack to usb c adaptor compatible (25€), so I came up with the following workaround. Use one of my old echo dot gen 3 that I have in the storage room, configure it as a line output and connect it to my new Sonos, and this echo to my shared devices / groups, it worked! but… the Sonos people have included an input delay (deliberately) of 1.5 seconds in my case, so my solution was useless. On the sonos page it states that this delay will be a minimum of 75ms, if it were so, it would be practically imperceptible.