Spotify playlist only shows 100 songs in home assistant

I am new with this and my english is not that good,
My question:
…I’m new to HA, it’s working pretty well, but I can’t figure this out:
When I browse in my Dashboard in HA in the Media Player and search for my playlist from Spotify, I only see 100 songs instead of 550 and that also applies to Sonos where the same playlist is contained. I cannot find this anywhere on Google Am I the only one?
Who knows what to do with this?
Greetings Leo

Hi Jansenleo,

This is a limit in the spotify API. They have set a limit of 100 songs.
You can always give an offset to the api request, for example:

But I’m not sure, the spotify integration supports this.

Thanks !
I am new with this, can you tel me where i put this line

I’m afraid the spotify integration isn’t made for this.
you can start playing a spotify list, but you cannot see the songs that are in there.
See this page for more information.

You can try and make your own API request to that url via something like this, but that requires you to read some information about the Spotify API.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, I’m trying to figure it out

Hi, I solved the problem by simply moving the Spotify playlist to a Sonos playlist.

Good to hear that it works now! :smiley: