Spotify to stream on Google Nest speakers?

Hi guys - I’m hopeful someone here could guide me on how to stream my Spotify audio (via HA) through my Google Nest speakers. For some background, I have a series of Nest speakers integrated to HA.

And, I have integrated Spotify in HA, and see my music when initiated from Spotify, however I don’t see any of the Nest speakers as a possible source for Spotify audio.


What might be the best way to approach this? I might not be providing enough information at this stage… :pray:

I use the HACS spotcast custom integration for this.

Thanks for the tip @michaelblight! I set up spotcast, but I can’t get Spotcast to reliably find my Google Nest speakers:

Here is the service configuration I have:

Any idea why the service can’t find the speakers?

I suspect it might have something to do with this?

Does the friendly name in HA match the name in the Google app? I think they have to. If I change the friendly name of one of mine, then I get the same error you’re getting.

Yea the friendly name definitely matches…

Not sure what else might be impacting this…

The only other thought I have is hve you successfully sent music to it from the Spotify app? I think I read somewhere that helps.

It’s really odd, I have music casting to the speaker from Spotify:

That media even shows up on Kitchen Large Speaker on Spotcast:

But when I call the service it tells me it can’t find the speaker.

Any ideas on what else I could troubleshoot? :pray:

Actually, I was wrong — event using Device ID I am not able to reliably cast Spotify to a Google Nest speaker. I can only do so if I had just previously played music (via Spotify app) on that speaker.

Curious if anyone has managed to reliably get Spotify or SpotCast to a Google Nest speaker?