Spotify Values for an Automation to Play an Album

I’m working on an automation to play albums in Spotify when an NFC tag is scanned. I’ve got it sort of working. When I select an album from my saved albums it plays the first song on repeat but I want it to play the entire album

I’d also like to be able to add other albums without first saving them as a saved album in Spotify. I’ve figured out I can just change the album id and it changes the album, but it still only plays the first song.

Is there a way to find all of the metadata values from Spotify without having to save an album first? I can change the :album: in the media_content_id and it changes the album but I’d

I only want to play the album once, no shuffling, starting at the first song.

This is the current YAML:

service: media_player.play_media
  entity_id: media_player.living_room_2
  media_content_id: >-
  media_content_type: spotify://album
  title: "Martinis & Mistletoe: Christmas Jazz Piano"
  media_class: album
  children_media_class: track
    - {}
    - media_content_type: spotify://library
      media_content_id: spotify://027maybemyuniqueid4c1
    - media_content_type: spotify://current_user_saved_albums
      media_content_id: spotify://027maybemyuniqueid4c1/current_user_saved_albums
    - media_content_type: spotify://album
      media_content_id: >-