Spotify will not pass authentication

Go go gadget community! I am stumped and frustrated.

The Spotify integration just won’t authenticate

Ok, FIRST. I never had the Spotify integration before, so there is no old Spotify code running around. I have attached screen shots of problems, you can see what I see there. I followed the docs, made an app, made a Spotify add to the configuration.yaml file… and still get “Missing required parameter: client ID”

Is anyone else having trouble like this when setting up the Spotify integration?
PS I don’t have ssl so http is correct.

Anybody have an idea? I have uninstalled and reset up again. Deleted the Spotify app and made another one. Always with the same result.

I had a similar issue which was solved by adding a base url to my configuration.yaml


So turns out my issue was that you cannot do the authenticaition from the phone app. Must be from the computer.