SQL Integration use a single db connection for multiple sensors

Hi there,

I am having a bit of an issue with the SQL Integration or better said with the changes from 2022.5 (setup via Homeassistant UI).

I have several readings which come from two different databases on my network. At the moment I have 43 SQL sensors configured (30 on one, 14 on the other db)

Both db’s (mariadb) running on raspberry pi’s (with ssd’s) so far I see no impact on performance (any tips about when/what I should be optimizing)?
Necessity to reduce the number of connections?

In the SQL Integration previous to 2022.5 it was possible to use only a single db connection for multiple SQL sensor readings. Reducing the amount of open connections to the db drastically…

Is it possible to port this feature into the Homeassistant UI?

regards Steffen