SQLite db logging

If I see an event in the Logbook, shouldn’t that also appear in the SQLite db that contains all event data? I used sqlite to look at the home-assistant_v2.db and I don’t always see the events that are shown in the Logbook. Why is that? Is there another db file that contains what the Logbook is displaying?

The docs lead to the conclusion that all logbook data comes from the recorder database. Assuming you are using the default database then logbook comes from the sqlite db you mentioned.

Which table are you looking in?

I was looking at the events table (filtering on event_data).

I am looking at home-assistant_v2.db

but there are 2 other .db files in the /config directory:


I am not sure how they are used.

I think that they are sqlite files that have the most recent events and when an update is run they become part of home-assistant_v2.db. I don’t know when that happens or if I can force it to update.

The db is current. The table to look at is the states table.