Squeezebox new setup not showing up on Hass.io 0.75

I’ve recently setup some squeezelite clients pointing at a Squeezebox server built in to a Buffalo NAS. I’ve setup the config.yaml to point at the sequeezebox server on the NAS and get no errors (had an error before with the port). But nothing shows up in the Hass UI.

Am I supposed to point the yaml at the squeezebox clients instead of the server?

This how I’ve got my squeezebox client setup:

  - platform: squeezebox
    host: is the ip address of the server that is running the Logitech Media Server.

I’m setup the same way. With the default port (9000), I get an error. With the port set correctly for my setup, I don’t get the error in the logs, but nothing shows up in the UI.
I tried pointing at the squeezelite client, but that also didn’t work.

Can you get squeezebox to work without Home Assistant?

Yes, I can connect to the server no problem and play music on all 3 clients. The IP and port I connect to the server with is the one I use in Hass.
No error, but nothing shows up.

I have the same issue on HASSIO 0.84.6