SRP Energy Sensor (added in .83) - Not working, getting errors


Happy to see the new SRP Energy Sensor.

However it is not working for me. Running with .83 The following are logged:

Update of sensor.srp_energy is taking over 10 seconds
Value error connecting to SRP. too many values to unpack (expected 4)



Can you log into your SRP account and then go to this URL but replace the 99999999 billAccount value with your account number? (No leading zero, no dashes).

See if the resulting excel file has more than the following columns: Usage Date, Hour, kWh, Rate.


Hi. Yes it has an additional column see below:

Usage Date,Hour,kWh,Cost,Rate



Hmm that might be why it’s failing. Code is expecting 4 columns and your account is returning 5 for some reason.


I am having the same issue.

The rate column indicates whether the power usage was consumed off-peak or on-peak. Maybe the designer of the component is using a standard plan instead of the EZ-3 plan and doesn’t receive that column in his data?

I opened up an issue for this on github.