SRT321 - Z-Wave Thermostat shows wrong value in UI

I have an issue with this Z-Wave thermostat. I change its set point to 17, but the UI sets it to 21 when the Thermostat wakes up even though most of the time, the actual thermostat is actually set to 17.

A similar post on this topic suggests it has something to do with decimal points. I tried the proposed Input-Helper automation but that didn’t change anything so hence this new post.

Any thought?

When I set the thermostat value it jumps back after a few seconds. That is a new “feature”. Scenes don’t work either. I can’t wait to ditch a-wave and move to Zigbee.

Are you using the Z-WaveJS UI addon?

@cornellrwilliams Apologies but can you clarify what you mean by that? I’ve never heard of it but it sounds important!