SSD Crashed And Reinstalling HA

As the title suggests, my SSD totally crashed and has apparently lost all of its data. I do not have a backup - you can bet I will now, though. The installation was fairly new although I did have some customizations. Anyway, my questions are

  1. Best way to go about reinstalling? Is there anything i should do/not do to make this process easier?

  2. Will the new installation recognize my devices, or will the devices recognize the new installation? On that note, how does a device “recognize” one HA from another? IP address, MAC, or some ID inside HA?

  1. carefully (sorry you’re back to square 1). Ensure backups are running right away.

  2. it depends honestly. Some devices like ZWave may need to be excluded to rejoin - assuming you don’t have your keys either. Zigbee you don’t have to exclude but will probably need factory reset. Esp32 devices depend on if they were included in your dashboard and if you have the OTA keys stored elsewhere. Honestly you’re in a worst case scenario - it’s best to assume you’re starting over with everything.