SSH add on home assistant

I upgraded to core version 0.109.4, add on ssh no longer works. I uninstalled and now there is no more add-ons to be able to reinstall it

You need to make yourself ‘advanced user’ to see the SSH add-on. Click on your name in the lower left corner and enable advanced mode


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experienced same behavior with that version.

in USERS and PERSONS are no options shown to enable advacned mode to any user!!!

Maybe an error in Version 109.4?!?

in Persons and Users : No. You can only change it in the lower left corner for the currently logged in person. It has been so since they introduced ‘advanced mode’ (many versions ago, I think around 0.100 or so)

ok, got it, thanks

It took me a week to find this. All the documentation and youtube videos (even ones made less than two months ago) were saying simply go to the Add-On page and select SSH. I could not work out why my Add-On page did not have SSH. The developers are moving way too fast and the documentation is not keeping up.

Thanks solved … Although this ssh is of little use since home assistant images are not on raspbian. What is the ssh home assistant command list?

The most common use for the SSH add-on is to troubleshoot your HA-installation if it no longer starts :frowning: