Ssh addon - configure port?

If i have hassio installed on a Ubuntu linux host that already has ssh server running, is there away to configure the ssh addon to use a different port so I can connect the hassio directly?


This would be great for security also. Leaving sshd on 22 is a horrible security trap.

I’m sorry, but leaving SSHd on port 22 IS NOT a security trap.
What do suggest? Moving it to another port? Security by obscurity?

There are better things to configure (Like limiting login attempts and limiting the used Cyphers).

To answer the question, no you can’t in the hassio setup. If you really want to, you’ll need to create your own addon.

It’s not directly related to security, agreed.
Disabling password login & hardening authentication is of course a way better & more secure process, but I don’t agree that changing the port might not have an impact. Changing the default port makes it harder for bots & intruders since that will be the first attempt and obscuring that by changing it to any other port makes it exponentially harder to find.

I’ll be maybe able to support your request after all…

Wrapping up a local fix and testing it atm.

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Cool, looking forward :slight_smile:

You can change the port over hassio REST API. A PR for UI Support is in progress but actual we have no UI developer that have time to finish that.

I would also appreciate being able to change the port. If its not for strictly for security, its still a matter of convenience for me. We use a non-standard port since years for all devices, it would be nice to have hassio configurable for this.
Great Work, btw!

@tube0013 @thibmaek @albert_c

I’ve released an alternative SSH add-on in my repository. One of the features is a configurable SSH port. This add-on focusses more on security and flexibility.

Maybe this is something you guys like.


Fantastic! Nice work

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Thank you!

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@frenck Wonderful job on the SSH add on you made. It beats the in-built one in every way and simply works as intended. I don’t know any higher praise.
Thank you for your time and effort!

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I’ve created a topic specifically for my repository: Repository: Community Add-ons

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Can’t wait! :smiley: