SSH and UI stopped working. Was my HA hacked?

Hi there,
I’ve just realised I lost access to Hassbian on raspberry pi some time ago.
I can ping it successfully and the automation works fine. When I try to ssh to it however it times out. Also when try to access web UI it doesn’t open anything.

Another thing to note is that a couple of days ago Google home accidentally started playing music at 3am and then again at 5am. This never happened before or afterwards.

I’ve got number of hubs integrated with HA and a custom component and wonder now if I was hacked through one of them?
None of raspberry pi ports are exposed to external networks.

Anyway I wonder what should be my troubleshooting steps? How can I get ssh working and see why and how ssh and UI was switched off? Is there anyway I can access automation.yaml, configuration.yaml and a couple of other scripts to back them up?

Appreciate any help or advice,

Anything is possible, but since we have no idea what you have, it’s all a crapshoot.

Plug in a monitor and keyboard, and check the logs for your system. Check the logs for your HA.

Scan the PI’s IP address with nmap and see what ports are still open on it.

This could just be a case of a corrupt sdcard.

You mean you don’t have backups already? Why?