SSH configuration


I’m not sure to understand how to configure the SSH add-on.
I can remote login on port 22222 as expected, but how it logs on the host. How can I reach a specific Docker container from here? e.g. how can I access the /config directory from a remote SSH session ?

Moreover, that is the expected setting here:
Screenshot 2021-01-12 at 22.05.54

I do not get how “22/tcp” relates to “Container”, nor how “disabled” relates to “Host”. What is the expected string here to replace ‘disabled’. Whichever value I use, it is reset to “disabled” on restart.

Thanks !

22 is the TCP/IP port number number that is the standard port number for ssh.
When you use the SSH add-on, it provides a container named addon_core_ssh. When you use normal ssh, without the -p option, it will use port 22, and port 22 is processed by the addon_core_ssh container. Once logged in, you are actually inside the ssh container.


I do not get what to fill in the “disabled” field, and how to reach the Core configuration files from a SSH session.


The “disabled” field should be set to 22.
Once you get ssh addon running, if you use the addon’s GUI terminal or if you want to login from a remote terminal you use ssh [email protected] to get access to homeassistant. Next all you have to do is cd config and you will be in homeassistant’s core configuration directory.