Ssh connection "Processing..." weird behavior (Putty terminal settings)

UPDATE: this solves the problem as described, but it introduces another issue
The other issue is that… of course the AutoWrap is disabled. Meaning that the terminal emulator will not wrap lines that are too long. e.g. in “cat” In “less” this is no issue, because I think “less” is taking care of the wrapping and not the terminal emulator.

So… I’m still stuck with this annoying issue

Original post:

Just in case anyone runs into the same issue.
After an upgrade (it may have been to hassio 0.99.0), I noticed the following change in my putty terminal (ssh connection):
During a restart of home assistant from the command line, the “processing” prompt is reprinted multiple times on the screen, each time on the previous line, until it reaches the top of the screen. It erases everything that was printed on those lines (see screenshot)

I was able to fix this by disabling the “Auto wrap module initially on” under Terminal (see screenshot) PuTTYNG%20Terminal%20Configuration
Maybe this is helpful to anyone else