Ssh - correct host name or ip with duckdns?

Hi! I would like to connect to my Home Assistant through ssh (using on a Raspberry Pi 3 b+). Installed the offical ssh-server add on. Generated keys and added it to the config of ssh add on. Now I go to Putty and wonder what my host name / ip is? I have tried to use “” and hassio.local but when I try the first one I get an error from Putty saying “Unable to open connection to https Host does not exist”. When I use the IP adress 192.168.1.x (to my Home Assistant on raspberry) then it can correctly find the host and connects. Is it possible to connect remotely on ssh with the duckdns domain? I have forwarded port 22 on my router.

Any idea?

You should not include the https:// when using your duckdns hostname.

OK thanks. I tried without the https and no I get an error saying “Network error: Connection refused”. How come?

You probably need to forward through your router to be externally accessible.

Question is do you really want to do that? Have you got adequate protection to prevent bots continuously hammering it?

I guess its safer to ssh to the internal ip instead. What do you think is adequate protection? Thanks for all answers. I managed to do what I wanted.

At least fail2ban with iptables.