SSH from HA to Synology SRM

I am using the Terminal and SSH addon to ssh into my Synology RT2600AC router and that is working without issue, however I am still being prompted for a password at each attempt after generating a public and private key.

I found this article which appears to show using a public key with the SRM is possible, but no luck.

Here are the steps I have taken:

  • Created config folder and generated the private and public keys
cd /config
mkdir .keys_ssh
  • Files were then saved to the /config location vs default /root/.ssh dir as I read you can not store the keys here.
  • Opened and copied the contents of the public key generated (
cat /config/.keys_ssh/
  • Pasted into notepad and formatted for no breaks
  • Connected to router, created empty file on the router at /etc/ssh/keys/root/authorized_keys and pasted file contents. ( I also tried /etc/ssh/keys/admin/authorized_keys)
ssh [email protected]
sudo touch /etc/ssh/keys/root/authorized_keys
sudo vi /etc/ssh/keys/root/authorized_keys
#Press i to insert
#Esc to exit the editor
:wq #save and exit

I did try setting permission level at sudo chmod 644 for both of these folders and I removed the comment (#) before PubkeyAuthentication yes when viewing the config file at sudo cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config

After all this I am still prompted for a password when connecting to the router via ssh using the Terminal add on. This is my first go around at this and there seems to be plenty of documentation for getting ssh to work with DRM but very little concerning SRM aside from the article I linked above. Any help of suggestions would be much appreciated, TIA.