SSH into host OS


I have HomeAssistant OS installed on a Raspberry Pi 4 and now I want to install the RaspberryMatic Add-On and for the configuration I have to ssh into the Host OS to change the config.txt, i.e. I need nano /mnt/boot/config.txt. Therefore, I followed the guide on how to do that here.

Now if I run

ssh [email protected] -p 22222

I am not logged in as root as the guide says:

You will be logged in as root in the /root folder.

but I get the HA CLI as described here. So I guess, I am still in the container, but I cannot figure out how to actually access the host. If it try login the connection is closed.

> ssh [email protected] -p 22222 
Welcome to Home Assistant OS.

Use `ha` to access the Home Assistant CLI.
# login
Connection to homeassistant.local closed.

Thank you for your help!

May I ask why you need to access config.txt? Which part or function of the RaspberryMatic addon depends on that? A link to the official documentation would be great.

sure, I had the link in the post, but only two links are allowed, so I had to remove it. It is this guide and I have to enable GPIO support for the HM-MOD-RPI-PCB a module to connect to HomeMatic IP products.

On RaspberryPi: edit the /mnt/boot/config.txt file and uncomment the following lines at the bottom:

# Uncomment this to enable GPIO support for RPI-RF-MOD/HM-MOD-RPI-PCB

Interesting! I have a HA+HM setup and didn’t need to take the extra step (no HM-MOD-RPI-PCB) - sorry for doubting the validity of your request.

I’ve not needed access to root ssh. Might not be able to help you much. Did you try the HassOSConfigurator path? Otherwise, mounting the SD card on another machine seems easy enough.

It seems ssh is using port 22. Are you sure the -p option works correctly for your version of ssh?

It seems to use port 22222, at least that is what the verbose output says.

I decided now to shut down the system, mount the hard drive under windows and edit the config.txt there. Apparently that is easier than to get ssh working…

As a side note, I just realized that the raspberry pi case fan, the raspbee 2 and the HM-MOD-RPI-PCB all want to use the 5V pins of the raspberry pi. So I ordered the ConBee 2 and the HmIP-RFUSB and then there is also no need to configure the gpio pins anymore :wink:

I use the HmIP-RFUSB and it is really easy to setup.
I would recommend a small powered usb hub with a 1m or so extension cable though.
This will move the USB radio sticks away from the noisy USB ports on the RPi and because it is powered, then the devices will not draw power from the RPi, which is often very close to the limit with the standard RPi power bricks.