SSH on raspberry Pi

Ok. I give. Noob here. How do I enable SSH for a PI 4 installation (inside my network)? I assume this is how you issue CL commands. It says there is an addon that has to be enabled, but non exists with those search terms in the catalog. Any help appreciated.

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You need to install the Terminal & SSH add-on for SSH. You can do this under Supervisor -> Add On Store.

If you don’t see the Add On Store then you need to click on your avatar/name on the HA page and turn on advanced mode.

From there you give it a password and SSH should work.

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You have to enable Advanced mode in your profile for the core SSH addon to show up in the addon store.

Are you running HassOS or HA core or something else (such as myself - HA in docker [not officially supported!]).

If the latter two just run
`sudo raspi-config’
at you PiOS command line and select ‘Interface Options’ then ‘SSH’. Does all the lifting for you.

Advance mode works. Thanks.

It works for the web based terminal, but connection via say putty still isn’t obvious. Is there any way to do this? Also, is there a way to cut and paste in the web based terminal?

It works in putty as well. Can you post your addon config? The ssh terminal used is a bugger with copy/paste. I googled some cheat sheets but I’ve given up on making copy/paste work

In putty you simply connect to the IP address of your home assistant instance with the password and username you set up in the addon.

Copy and paste in the webterminal I have not cracked yet! But of course in putty copy/paste works.

Try ctrl-shift-v or shift-INSERT to paste into the command line.

Copy should be ctrl-INSERT but the tricky thing is highlighting the text first, try right mouse button for selecting?

Thanks for the help. I’m connected via Putty. I didn’t see the tabs in the ssh addon.

Not sure what you mean by tabs?

Anyway for me on Chrome on Windows, the following works

copy - shift, highlight with mouse (a scissors logo pops up on screen).

paste - shift-INSERT

Info|Documentation|Configuration|Log at the top of the addin screen.



 YOU are my hero.  I can't even tell you how long I have been looking at how to get to my cli.  At least an hour, probably alot more.  Maybe I should/will look into a place in the docs for this.  Not really sure where to start.  Many thanks I found this.


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