SSH to HA in VirtualBox - Connection refused

Hi all,

I’m running HA in VirtualBox, as guided by ‘The Hookup’ (in short: VirtualBox running in windows).
I’ve followed all steps as explained, so the network setting also is set to ‘bridged’.

Now, i’m trying to get to my homeassistant machine over it’s local IP (, as I see it in my UniFi dashboard (it’s also the IP i use to get to the HA UI) with PuTTy (IP + Port 22), but unfortunately i keep getting a message which states: ‘Network error: Connection refused’

I’ve been trying to troubleshoot this but can’t seem to find good/usefull (to me) info about it, as most are concerned around Pi troubleshooting.

Hoping to get some info here on where to have a look at. Please let me know your thoughts or additional questions.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @fietstasss,

I assume you’re running (now just called HomeAssistant) in your VM? Did you install and start the Terminal & SSH Addon under Supervisor?

Is there any way to exactly check which version i’m running?
Yes i did install that one and i’m able to use the terminal in the GUI, but unfortunately it’s not enough to run installs which require root-acces, if i did understand correctly

Do you mean the HA version? Developer Tools->Info will show you that. Also, SSH does not allow you to install as root. All SSH allows you to do is access the /config docker portion so you can modify your config, backup snapshots, etc. As far as I know, you can’t install packages via SSH.

Hmm, I’m missing how to install such things as Zigbee2MQTT then?
I was thinking these git installs should be executed over SSH?
How would one install this software then?

For example the commands as mentioned here, shouldn’t these be ran from SSH?

It depends how you installed HA. Go to developer tools and post what you see under info. (Under system health)

Thanks for your reply.
It should be: ‘Home Assistant 0.109.4’

This is under system health:

You run home assistant (previously known as hassio) To run zigbee2mqtt, go to the supervisor tab, the add-on store and install the zigbee2mqtt add-on.

You might need to add this repository