SSH & Web-Terminal/Terminal & SSH integrations - Missing?

Ok the dumb question of the day.

I have HomeAssistant 7.1 installed on a Raspberry pi using the 7.0 image burned to a SD card and then upgraded.

I know the supervisor tab has been moved to Configuration → Devices & Services → Add Integrations.

However for me to install HCAS HACS so I can get Adaptive Lighting I need to enable SSH. However the official plugin “Terminal and SSH” is nowhere to be found and without HCAS HACS configured in Home Assistant I can’t install “SSH & Web Terminal”.

So help a moron out. Am I missing something with the official plugin so it does not appear under Integrations or have I just gone blind?

I suspect you mean HACS. Those are not official but a curated list of community integrations, etc. Perhaps the developer removed it from HACS.

EDIT It appears likely a community ADDON with nothing to do with HACS.It is still not official but contributed by a user who happens to also be an HA developer.

You’re right. I meant HACS. Still would like to know where the “official” ssh server went. Otherwise I have no idea how to grab things from HACS and add them in (At my own risk of course).

I do not use HaOS but I think you need to add something to the Addons Store to get Community Addons.

There it is. I see it now.

Thanks for helping a noob/moron out. :slight_smile:

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Hello, Another moron here! What was it you added to get the SSH on? I’m trying to find it to get Fully Kiosk Browser working. Also on an RPI4…

It is in the Add-On store. If you do not see it, go to your profile in home assistant and turn on advanced mode toggle.


This only applies if you are running HaOS or Home Assistant Supervised.

Ooops, i was looking in integrations… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks :+1:

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