SSID and BSSID sensors don’t update after some time

I thought this was just an issue with the beta, but it appears on the release version as well. After a period of time (could be anywhere from 1-3 days) the SSID and BSSID sensors just show “Not Connected”. However, my connection method says “WiFi”. Force closing the app, dragging down to force any update, turning WiFi off then back on doesn’t change anything. Even if I leave a WiFi network and enter another it still won’t update the sensors. The only way I have been able to get these sensors to populate is by restarting the phone. This has happened to me on both an iPhone X and iPhone 7.

A little info about my setup, I do not have an internal URL. I strictly use an external URL with HTTPS. This is because I have a Let’s Encrypt certificate issued for my Synology NAS HTTPS access and I map that cert to my HA docker container for HTTPS. I do have my home SSID entered in the app under the connection menu, but removing it does not change anything and it still uses the external URL. If I try to enter an internal URL the app fails to add it because it can’t verify the address against the cert.

Has anyone else experienced this issue or have any suggestions? @robbiet480 I know you’re more on Discord, but hopefully you see this. I can try and catch you on Discord if need be.

Have you set your location permission to Always (check iOS settings>Home Assistant>Location). This is required to always access the SSID since the privacy lock down in iOS 13

Yes. Location permissions is set to Always.

Are these the only affected sensors? Is location updating correctly?

I’m pretty sure these are the only two affected. When I’ve noticed the sensors not updating, the geocoded location has the correct address and the device tracker will be in the correct zone. Looking back at the history for the other sensors shows they were updating properly. Especially the battery level and charging state, those have accurate data when the SSID and BSSID failed to update.

Are there any errors in your logs that seem related?

Nothing in the logs for HA or the app that appears related. I see the time stamp when I restarted my phone and it says “Application Starting” in the app logs, but nothing in particular about these sensors. The app event log is full of location updates and ignoring gps accuracy which I would expect. I have a number of web socket and http errors in my main HA log, but those come and go at other times and don’t appear related. At the time when these sensors failed to update there were a number of other unrelated errors from Dark Sky failing to connect to the API and the NWS Alerts custom component failing to update. These were brief errors and self cleared. Side note, I have to force a manual update of the app in order for the “App Configuration” option to show up in the side bar.

I’ve got a similar issue

  • SSID / BSSID showing as “Not Connected” when my iPhone is connected to wifi
  • I’m new to HA and this didn’t work from when I first installed

Tried a fresh install, without it fixing the issue

  • HA companion 2019.1 on a iPhone 8 - iOS 13.1.3
  • HA 0.102.3 running on Docker

All other sensors update fine, including “Connection type”. Location permission is set to always.

As @squirtbrnr says, rebooting the phone has allowed the SSID / BSSID to display correctly as of now. Will update if it stops working again.

Just had this happen again on my iPhone 7. About 1.5 days ago I restarted and updated HA from 0.102.2 to 0.102.3 because I had to restart my NAS anyway. Everything came up just fine and all sensors reporting. however about 6 hours ago, the BSSID and SSID sensors show “Not Connected” and the connection method is “WiFi”. The phone in question shows it was connected to a network and then disconnected and went to cellular which is correct, however when it reconnected to the network after a few hours, the sensors never updated. The only errors in the HA log around the time when it should have connected and updated with WiFi info were a bunch of web socket errors

2019-12-06 23:15:00 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.websocket_api.http.connection.139694033845584] Error handling message: Unauthorized
2019-12-06 23:15:02 INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.websocket_api.http.connection.139694033845584] Connection closed by client
2019-12-06 23:15:03 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.websocket_api.http.connection.139694028533712] Error handling message: Unauthorized
2019-12-06 23:16:34 INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.websocket_api.http.connection.139694028533712] Connection closed by client

I have the same problem and I’ve opened an issue on git. I suggest to also put there your findings to help debugging the problem.

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