SSL and HTTPS Configuration

Hi All,

I want to set up SSL and a secure port for accessing HA externally. No, I don’t want to use duck dns or whatever it’s called and I don’t use free certs. I have an existing wildcard cert from another CA and would like to integrate that into HA. “Should” be a fairly simple and basic requirement but I’ve yet to find any information as to how to actually do it.

Any advice would be appreciated.


I’ve done a reverse proxy setup, so i use other werbserver for ssl negotiation and then route reqeusts to HA. done in Synology, which makes it pretty simple with UI setup. Behind it its nginx, so you could look at that too.

Yeah, that could be an option, I’ve been considering getting a Synology unit for a while as soon as I can get the financial approvals :slight_smile:


Network configuration set apart, all you have to do is to indicate your SSL certificate and key in configuration.yaml- http: