SSL Cert and Firewall

I’ve decided to try HAOS. I don’t usually like OS appliances but sometimes it truly is the best option. Looks like for HA that might be the case. I was wondering though, can I install an SSL certificate so that communicating with the webui is encrypted within my network and the identity is verified?

Also, is there a way to configure a firewall for the web ui? I have a very large network and I don’t want to leave any holes open that don’t need to be.


found this maybe it helps:

Firewall on the HAOS?
Not sure maybe there is iptables or linux firewall on the system and you can enable and start it.
For the webserver you might can specify the allowed network ranges.

i do run my own CA at home using Download.
Had to install the root CA on my end devices to be able to offer SSL/TLS encrypted sites.

good luck!

How do you access low level stuff like this in HAOS? When I look at the console it seems to have some custom cli.

How do you access the configuration.yaml that this post talks about?

Hi Charles,

yaml conf can be edited via ha cli:

gain root access to OS:

i do not run the appliance. I decided to use the container version via docker.
As i have some more docker container running. Use portainer to set it up and ssh.

Hi Armin,

Do you use the SSH add on yourself? I’m not sure what username to use for it but both the password and keys I configured don’t work.


Hi Charles,
i thought i could point you into the right direction with the links i shared. Unfortunately it did not help as much as i hoped.

i do not use the add on as i run HA as container and have access via ssh to my docker and via dockerexec to the container itself.