SSL for Internal Only

Hello -

I want to secure my internal Home Assistant traffic with a cert for assessing the configuration site and dashboards. However I don’t have any intention of exposing it the public Internet. Is it possible to install a cert for just local traffic? Or, maybe I’m thinking about this the wrong way?

Reverse proxy will do that fine, however note if you are using the Android companion app, it will not work with self-signed certs.

I am also interested in this since I don’t have access to my router’s GUI to forward a port, but I have zerotier for external access but this won’t work with the default method because zerotier addresses aren’t reachable from the internet without zerotier client

No need for reverse proxy or router tinkering if you just want to enable https on HA.
Just reference your ssl certificate and private key in configuration.yaml, http integration.
That will enable https and disable plain http

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