SSL for local domain

I currently access my HA locally via http://ha.local
I don’t want my HA to be accessible from outside

I would like to configure SSL as some web features only work via https.
Is it possible?

Have a look at:

You can use self-signed certificate if you don’t plan to use Google TTS because both don’t work together.


I don’t think Alexa works with self signed certs either, though I may be wrong.

EDIT: I am wrong on this, see following post.

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for Alexa self singed is OK. But Let’s Enrypt rocks on this Topic :slight_smile:


Before the will be a misunderstand , Let’s Encrypt does not work, with local Domains

I have a “normal” domain registered if that helps. It currently points nowere.

Yes than, you can setup Let’s Encrypt and access it via your Domain, but this means you have to Setup a Port forward on your Router.

You also should set an Password for HA and then you can put also a Proxy between your Router and your Homeassistant-Website, just to get some security on your Setup.

Here is a good Article for that:

Just saw in your original Post, that you don’t want to NAT your HA, than you could only use, self-singed Certs.

Found a solution without exposing my HA:

  1. On my router redirect to to my HA machine.
  2. Get certificate for via TXT record validation

Can you let me know how you did that? I would like the https function to work but then tts stops working, I don’t want to expose HA either.